quiz time

Welcome to round three of our weekly multiple-choice quiz!

It’s been another fun week, with plenty of weird, wow and “WTF?” news stories from Asia, so it’s time to recap and, as well as see who’s been paying attention, give you a chance to discover some of the best stories that have emerged over the past seven days. Plus, if you can get 10 out of 10, Mr. Sato promises to lose the loincloth, or at least cover his nipples.

Mongoose taunting, chocolate massage and nostril flaring all after the jump.

Don’t forget to highlight the space between the square brackets [ ‘sup! ] after the word “Answer:” or click the “Read more” link to check your answers. And remember: every time you cheat, Mr. Sato cries a single tear.

So, ready to prove yourself as a hardcore news ninja? Then let’s begin!

  • Question 1.

Activists in China pursued and detained a truck heading from Wuhan to Nanning earlier this week. But what was it carrying?

A: The stolen wishes and dreams of local children
B: Thousands of cats
C: A enormous shipment of albums by controversial artist Miley Cyrus
D: Justin Bieber

Answer: [ B ] Read more

  • Question 2. 

What’s so special about this guy that he became a minor internet sensation this week?

A: He is actually a very masculine-looking woman
B: He and his friends communicate solely by flaring their nostrils, or “nose code”
C: He has taken a vow of silence to protest the Chinese occupation of Tibet
D: He is trying to set up a business employing only men called Hank

Answer: [  A  ] Read more

  • Question 3.

What special service are love hotels (cheap hotels frequented by horny couples) offering this Coming of Age Day?

A: Kimono re-dressing service
B: Chocolate body massage
C: Commemorative photographs
D: Post-coital confession booths

Answer: [  A  ] Read more

  • Question 4.

What idiotic pastime are authorities in Saudi Arabia currently attempting to ban?

A: Mongoose taunting
B: “Jet-skinning” or jet-skiing while naked
C: Golf
D: Car surfing

Answer: [  D  ] Read more

  • Question 5.

For what occasion did this young woman adopt such an outrageous outfit?


A: Her third wedding in as many years
B: Respect for the Aged Day
C: Coming of Age Day
D: Her 20th birthday

Answer: [  C   ] Read more

  • Question 6. 

A man from Hyogo Prefecture, Japan was recently arrested and prosecuted for doing what?

A: Deliberately sneezing into his hand then using the overhead straps on the subway
B: Squirting a schoolgirl with mayonnaise
C: Intentionally leaving his fly open in public, displaying his trouser offal for all to see
D: Being a naughty scallywag in general

Answer: [ B ] Read more

  • Question 7. 

What kind of class is being taught in the photo below?


A: Safe net surfing and the dangers of online predators
B: How to play Minecraft and tame a horse in it
C: How to make Vocaloid songs
D: Hooting

Answer: [   C   ] Read more

  • Question 8. 

English loan words are surprisingly prevalent in the Japanese language. But which of the following is not a word that is especially familiar to most Japanese according to a recent survey?

A: Pervert
B: Bust
C: Evidence
D: Paradigm

Answer: [  A   ] Read more

  • Question 9. 

When asked to choose the pair of panties they liked most on a girl, which of the following somewhat worrying statements was not made by male internet users in Japan?


A: “I’d have her wear number six and make her display them in public.”
B: “Any. None. I dunno. I want to bite all of their butts, though.”
C: “I’d wear number six, then make her wear them.”
D: “Any are fine. I just want to smell them.”

Answer: [  B   ] Read more

  • Question 10.

If a tree falls in the forest and there’s no one around to hear it, does it make a sound?

A: What’s a tree?
B: Quiet, you tantric fool, I’m playing video games!
C: If I strangle you and no one’s around to see it, will it count?
D: Beef Stroganoff

Answer: [ If you guessed A, B, or D then you’re right. If you guessed C you can have a point anyway because you frighten me. ]

Judgement time

0 correct: You’re reeeally not paying attention here, are you?
1-3 correct: The doctor will see you now.
4-6 correct: There shall be no more sleeping outside for you. But don’t you look at me!
7-9 correct: I like you like I like roast potatoes. And I’m pretty fond of roast potatoes.
10 correct: Fancy a snuggle?

See you next week, boys and girls!