If you’ve never actually been to Japan and had a Yukimi Daifuku recommended to or forced upon you, you probably have no idea what that headline means.

Yukimi Daifuku is an ice cream treat that wraps the Japanese candy staple, mochi – rice pounded to a gooey consistency – with ice cream. It may be one of the few ice cream desserts in Japan that is popular outside of the summer months, most likely because it combines so many different flavors and eating experiences: The gooey, sticky mochi – which is slightly savory – contrasts with the sweet, creamy ice cream to create a totally unique treat you’d be hard pressed to find outside of Japan.

▼  A cross-section of a mini, chocolate flavored Yukimi Daifuku.


Now manufacturer Lotte is doubling down, adding yet another contrasting flavor element by adding cookies and cream ice cream to the mix, introducing a crunchy element and pretty much covering all texture bases at once.

It’s so ingenious yet intuitive, we can’t help but think that Lotte has been sitting on this idea for a very long time, waiting for the perfect moment to spring it on the public, which apparently happens to be the 23rd of this month (or today, if you’re reading this at the time of publication).

Source: Entabe
Inset via Wikipedia