A naughty ghost that threatens to make children cry.

As we enter the month of October, it’s time to start shopping for limited-edition Halloween sweets. In Japan, there’s a lot to choose from in the sweets department, but one that caught our eye was a cake from popular Japanese chain Chateraise.

While many limited-edition cakes on offer right now are inspired by Halloween themes, they usually capture the mood of the holiday with details that are still pleasing to the eye. The cake that we bought from Chateraise, however, has been causing a stir online for its unusual appearance, because rather than being too cute to eat…

▼ …this cake is…

▼ …unsettling to look at.

▼ The Halloween Naughty Ghost, as it’s called, has an unnerving sense of realism to it.

When we unleashed the ghostly cake from its box, we found it had tilted slightly to one side during the journey home, making it seem as if it were possessed and caught out in mid-movement.

According to the chain, this cake is meant to conjure up images of a naughty ghost setting off for a night of mischief at a Halloween party.

▼ However, like a smiling clown, it felt as if there was something sinister going on behind that grin.

Before it had a chance to come to life and sink its fangs into our veins, we whipped out a knife and sliced through its middle.

▼ Haha! Take that you cheeky ghost!

That’s when we discovered the true identity of this ghost, which appeared to be encased in a chewy mochi rice cake skin, like a scary Yukimi Daifuku ice cream.

However, there was no ice cream inside the ghost — just pure banana-flavoured cream, which was embellished with chocolate chips, and a mound of chocolate mousse below.

The ghost might have looked frightening, but it tasted absolutely divine. The combination of chocolate and banana was a nice Halloween surprise, and the quality of all the ingredients was absolutely top-notch, with the chewy skin providing a beautiful contrast to the soft and creamy melt-in-the-mouth centre.

It just goes to show that you really shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, or in this case, a ghost by its appearance, because for 345 yen (US$3.11), this is one of those very Japanese Halloween experiences that’s definitely worth having.

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