It’s time to look forward to a taste of Spring — with the “McFlurry Crunchy Sakura“!!

After the winter cold, it’s now time to anticipate the coming of warmer weather, and of course the beautiful sakura cherry blossoms. The food industry is certainly no exception to this Japanese obsession, and this year McDonald’s Japan has joined the annual cherry blossom frenzy with their own sakura-flavored McFlurry!

Named the McFlurry Crunchy Sakura (McFlurry Sakusaku Sakura), the dessert is a delightful concoction of soft serve ice cream and a special sauce inspired by the traditional Japanese confection  sakura mochi, a popular spring-time treat consisting of  pink mochi rice cake with sweet red bean paste in the center, wrapped on the outside with a pickled sakura leaf.


The sauce includes pieces of salt-pickled cherry leaves to give it a genuine sakura mochi flavor, and they’ve also added crushed pink waffle cone pieces for a bit of crunchy texture to compliment the creaminess of the ice cream. Additionally served in a special sakura design cup, the dessert serves the essence of sakura in appearance, taste and fragrance.

Yup, Japan just can’t seem to get enough of that sakura flavor. The treat is available now until early April at McDonald’s stores across Japan for 290 yen (US$2.60) a cup. If you’re visiting Japan and want a slightly early taste of Spring, this may be the perfect seasonal dessert, and one that’s affordable too. Oh, and if you find the weather still a bit chilly,  you can go to McDonald’s with your friends and get hot coffee at a discount with their “Drink Together Discount” Campaign.  We’re sure a cup of coffee will go extremely well with the creamy and crunchy sakura-flavored McFlurry!

Source, images: Digital PR Platform press release, McDonald’s Japan press release
Images: McDonald’s Japan press release (edited by RocketNews24)