Unlike America and other Western countries, Japan is only starting to get into the swing of Halloween. Over the past few years the country has come a long way toward embracing this eerie Western holiday. Now when fall comes around, it’s a lot easier to find stores bedecked with black cat posters and ordinary restaurants festooned with orange pumpkin garlands. Most department stores have a token costume section on display, and sometimes bigger cities will have events for kids to wander around in costume with their parents. One district in Kanagawa Prefecture has really gone the extra mile to give people a frightfully good time this October!

It’s Kawasaki City’s 17th annual autumn event, Kawasaki Halloween! The town puts just about as much effort into their fall celebrations as most cities in North America. Every year they show their Halloween spirit with costumes and a parade. This year, 14 different restaurants around the west exit of Kawasaki Station will be adding to the festivities by introducing special Halloween sushi meals to accompany their Halloween parade and candy distribution. It’s called Osushi de Halloween Daisakusen, or the Sushi-ful Halloween Grand Plan!

If you find yourself in Kawasaki this fall, check out these participating stores for their original Japanese Halloween menu!

  • Half Moon‘s sushi roll
  • Umamon‘s Kumamon and Kyushu’s Japanese Tapas sushi Halloween plate
  • Kemuri’s salmon temarizushi and roasted yam skewers
  • Kakurebo‘s special limited-time Halloween sushi
  • Yonpachi Gyojou‘s ryoshi makanai rice
  • Shibaura Shokuniku‘s roasted egg bowl
  • Gyomon‘s Smiley Jack Halloween sushi
  • MawaruMawaru Sushi‘s kid’s sushi & Halloween sushi
  • Isshin‘s Halloween makizushi
  • Soba no Mi‘s Halloween kid’s bowl, yellow and orange versions

▼ kawara CAFE&DINING‘s jack-o’-lantern salad sushi


▼ Chigasaki Kabune‘s Mushi pumpkin and curry soboro mille-feuille sushi


▼ Katanashi Musou‘s aburi Halloween umameshi


▼ Kaitenzushi Tekkamaru‘s Halloween special Oshizushi and Halloween special temaruzushi


Happy Halloween!

Source: Walkerplus