These grotesque treats are full of tricks!

Halloween has exploded in popularity in Japan over the past few years, which has made celebrating one of my favorite holidays here all the easier, with fun events being held in major cities and delicious Halloween-themed treats being sold at restaurants and chains across the country.

Not to be left out, this year conveyor-belt sushi chain Kurazushi will be joining in the festivities with its own ghoulishly themed menu, featuring two savory items and two desserts.

The Disappearing Ghost Black Curry (399 yen [US$3.55]) combines squid ink with a basic Japanese curry roux to give it its festive black color. It’s served alongside a serving of sushi rice drizzled with a special mayonnaise made with purple cabbage, and topped with the “disappearing ghost” candy floss. The combination of spicy curry, vinegared rice, savory mayonnaise, and sugary candy is sure to be an interesting flavor experience for anyone who dares to give it a try.

Making use of the special purple-cabbage mayonnaise again, the Witch’s Shrimp and Mayo (216 yen) is a plate of hot and crispy shrimp tempura drizzled with strikingly colored mayo. If you can get past the shocking visual aspect of it, this is sure to be a much safer flavor combination that the black curry.

The first of the two Halloween-themed desserts  is the grotesque-looking Witch’s Gums (270 yen). Despite its appearance, this is sure to be more treat than trick, with a winning combination of warm waffle and cool ice cream. The milky ice cream is colored with bamboo charcoal (which may sound unappetizing if you’re unfamiliar with the concept, but in reality it doesn’t affect the flavor at all) and is dotted with eight chewy marshmallows to give the appearance of teeth. Tart yet sweet raspberry sauce is drizzled on for a gory bloody effect.

A round piece of chocolate inside of some strawberry jelly, arranged on top of some milk-flavored mousse makes this a fun and freaky eyeball dessert. Dig into your Horrifying Eyeball Mousse (108 yen) to release the strawberry sauce “blood” that’s inside! You’ll want to buy two of these to arrange into a freaky face with your plate of witch’s gums.

Get into the spirit of Halloween and challenge your taste buds at any Kura Zushi restaurant across the country, between October 13 and October 31!

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Source, images: PR Wire