A Taiwanese man who was walking in the Alishan National Scenic Area in Taiwan was mobbed by a group of Chinese tourists after he cautioned them not to spit or throw their cigarette butts on the ground, Taiwanese media reports. The incident is believed to have taken place on September 9 when one Mr. Chin, himself a Taiwanese national, was enjoying a stroll with a female friend. The accused Chinese tourists, however, maintain that it was in fact they who were assaulted.

Mr. Chin claims that the tourists, who came from the Henan Province of China, threw cigarette butts on the ground and frequently spat, as well as speaking excessively loudly. He felt that they were not being mindful of the rules and etiquette of Taiwan and told the Chinese tour guide that the people he was leading ought to be more respectful.

After being rebuked, however, the Chinese tour guide questioned what is was that Taiwanese man found so abhorrent about his group’s behavior, stating, “It’s perfectly acceptable in China.” Chin then pointed out that they were, in fact, in Taiwan and not China, to which the allegedly irate tour guide responded, “Taiwan is a part of China!” and reportedly kicked Chin to the ground. Some of the tourists in his group are believed to have joined in, and soon stones were being thrown at the Taiwanese man.

According to the Chinese tour guide, though, the situation was quite the opposite.

The guide claims that, in his three years of giving tours in the area, this is the first time he has run into trouble or been accused of for being a public nuisance. He stresses that the tourists in his group were simply enjoying themselves on vacation and that it was Chin who was behaving violently, pulling at their clothing before assaulting them and telling them to “get out of Taiwan.”

Both parties are adamant that they were each assaulted by the other, and the dispute is expected to be settled in court.

Source: Yahoo! Japan News
Header image: kmaruko