Police have arrested a Hiroshima man after it became clear that he had injected himself with a drug he claimed to have thought perfectly legal. So assured in his convictions that the drug was legit, the man supposedly approached police of his own accord because he “felt strange” upon taking it and wanted them to determine what was causing it.

According to Japanese news reports, the Hiroshima man submitted a urine sample to local police out of nowhere and then went directly home, asking the authorities to tell him the drug test results when they became available – which totally isn’t suspicious at all.

Needless to say, the police greeted the man at his home with a pair of cuffs immediately after the results – which found obviously-not–at-all-legal amphetamine in the man’s urine – came in.

▼ Sounds like something pre-Heisenberg Walter White might have done.


Clearly, the man believed feigning ignorance to an unbelievable degree would throw the cops for a loop, which is kind of the same logic I used as a child when I broke my mom’s priceless Ming Dynasty vase and told her I “just found it that way.”

Source: Itai News
Photos: Wikimedia Commons, Wikipedia