As reported by China Youth Daily and Shanghaiist, during another typical day in Beijing, a woman whipped off her bra and handed it to a man in public. Wait, what??

You might think that this kind of erratic behavior means she was participating in some kind of women’s rights demonstration, or felt like getting a super early head start protesting the next World Cup like these other Chinese women did earlier this summer. But actually, the real purpose for her ‘liberation’ was for a completely unrelated reason–to prove that she was indeed the owner of a luxury item.

Maybe it’s because of my current status as a starving graduate student, but this is my first time even hearing that ‘luxury appraisal events’ exist. I mean, I don’t even own a single luxury brand-name item (unless you count goods bought at the Pokémon Center in Japan). But after hearing about this, they’re sure to leave a lasting impression in my mind.

The bizarre scene unfolded when a young woman handed her purse to an official at a luxury appraisal event in Beijing to find out its real value. But she quickly grew upset when he told her that the handbag was “neither a world-famous brand nor a luxury product,” and began questioning his professional skills.

▼We guess the real question is if she was so confident that her bag was a high-end product, why did she need it appraised in the first place?


In an unexpected twist, she then removed her bra and gave it to the man to identify. He confirmed that the bra was definitely a world-famous brand, therefore making the moral of this story…um, well, we don’t even know.

▼Uh-oh, she’s making a move…



▼You have to wonder what was going through the man’s head at the time.


▼Props to the appraiser for taking it all in stride.


▼Even after hearing what she wanted to hear, the woman reportedly stormed off angrily anyways.


One thing’s for certain–if this guy were to appraise the woman’s attitude, she’d get low marks for sure…

Sources/Images: Shanghaiist via China Youth Daily