naked lamp01

In 1994, the product design company, Propaganda, was established in Thailand to fill the need for playful products in home and work environments. Since then, the fun-loving brand has expanded immensely. Stores can be found in more than 30 different countries, including Japan, the US, and many parts of Europe.

Today we’d like to focus on one of Propaganda’s many tongue-in-cheek trinkets. This peculiar lamp is certain to brighten your day.

As a part of Propaganda’s Mr. P series there is a product called One Man Shy. It is a lamp in the shape of one very embarrassed Mr. P. For you see, aside from the lampshade covering his face, the character stands entirely naked! What’s more, the lamp’s switch is strategically placed atop his privates! One must flip the switch so that it’s pointing upward to “turn him on,” as it were. Understandably, his face really lights up at the attention.

One Man Shy stands at 35.5 cm tall (14 in) and comes in 7 different colors of lampshades, although, none of them are long enough to completely conceal Mr. P’s embarrassed expression at standing around in his birthday suit. To see the character in many other more-or-less awkward positions, try checking out Propaganda’s official website!

Source: Hachima Kikou (Japanese)
Images: Zozotown

▼ Here’s Mr. P in all his pale, plastic glory!

naked lamp01

naked lamp02

▼ Just press up on his “switch” to “turn him on.”

naked lamp04

▼ Somehow, he doesn’t look all that pleased with this situation…

naked lamp03

▼ Good thing he can hide his glowing cheeks beneath the lampshade.

naked lamp05