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In news that Android fanboys will likely want to spit at, Japan’s top 10 smartphone sales chart currently reads 100-percent iPhone, it has been revealed.

Now carried by all three of the country’s biggest mobile providers, Apple’s iPhone has become immensely popular in Japan in recent years and is seemingly the must-have mobile this November.

Despite strong competition from Samsung’s Galaxy series and Sony with its Xperia Z1 (released in Japan on October 23), across Japan’s three biggest mobile carriers, NTT docomo, KDDI’s au, and Softbank, Apple’s smartphones now hold the entire top 10 in the sales chart, proving once and for all that despite its initial reluctance to embrace smartphones, Japan now simply adores iPhone.

NTT docomo claimed the most iPhone sales overall, perhaps on account of the 5s and 5c being the first iPhones the mobile operator has ever carried and its customers leaping on the chance to get a little bit of shiny new Apple tech.


The data was released this week by researchers at BCN, who tallied the total sales of the smartphone between November 4-10. Check this madness out:

Total handset sales across all networks

1. iPhone 5s 32GB (NTT docomo)

2. iPhone 5c 16GB (Softbank)

3. iPhone 5s 64GB (Softbank)

4. iPhone 5s 32GB (Softbank)

5. iPhone 5s 32GB (au)

6. iPhone 5s 16GB (Softbank)

7. iPhone 5s 16GB (au)

8. iPhone 5c 16GB (au)

9. iPhone 5s 16GB (NTT docomo)

10. iPhone 5s 64GB (au)

If you happen to live anywhere near Cupertino, California and you close your eyes and listen very hard, you might just be able to hear the sound of Apple bosses rubbing their hands together at this very moment.

Source: Yahoo! Japan News
Top image: Highsnobility Inset image: Ubergizmo