The good people at Honda, seemingly having read our minds, introduced at the 2013 Tokyo Motor Show this beautiful luxury chair-vehicle hybrid that we never knew we’d always been waiting for.

Gone are the days of actually having to get out of your seat to retrieve the remote, or that last broken chip from the Pringles can that somehow found its way into the seat cushion of that chair you never use. In fact, with the new UNI-CUB the only reason you’ll ever need to get out of your seat again is to give a standing ovation to Honda’s brilliant – and probably equally lazy – engineers.

▼ “Hooray for laziness!”


This beautiful piece of very important technology that will almost certainly change society as we know it for the better is made possible by Honda’s patented Honda Omni Traction Drive System – or HOT-DS, which sounds like a bizarre sexual position. The HOT-DS (chortle) allows users to operate the UNI-CUB by simply shifting their weight; which, if you ask us, is way too much work. Why can’t it just read our thoughts or something? Or better yet, just make all the decisions for us.

Joking aside (actually, we’re not joking), the UNI-CUB’s design is genius, taking advantage of the human body’s subtle responses to our own thoughts; if you think “I want to go forward,” your body will lean ever so slightly forward and the UNI-CUB’s computers will apparently pick up that subtle gesture and start moving. We just hope the UNI-CUB doesn’t take off at 90 mph if you lean forward unintentionally.


Source: Gigazine 
Photos: Honda