Dogs, like anyone else, love to feel the wind on their furry, adorable faces. Honestly, is there anything better than rolling down the window, sticking your head and tongue out, and cruising down the road? Maybe barfing on the bed and chewing up all the shoes. It’s kind of a tie, we suppose.

Anyway! Not everyone can afford a car, as pointed out by Mr. Suzuki, but nearly anyone can buy a scooter. So even pups who don’t come from the richest families can taste the open road!

As you probably guessed from the image above, this older gentleman has no qualms about sharing his sweet ride with what might be the cutest dog you’ll see today. And, thanks to unpatented Internet Sequential Image Technology, we can show you exactly how this eager pup gets ready to rock’n’roll.

With the determination of a hamster propelling itself to bullet-train speeds, our small canine hero winds his way onto the scooter, puts his front paws on the steering column, and twerks up onto the seat. Once settlted, he looks around, his little puppy bits hanging in the wind, and commands, “Make it so, Number one!”

▼ This GIF is guaranteed to make you go, “Awww!” or 50 percent of your money back!


And, all together now…”AWWWWWWWWWWWWW!”

Okay, that’s enough puppy bits for you. Have a great weekend folks!

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