img_20131119130539_ddf8c500We all know the police face dangerous situations chasing armed criminals and speeding vehicles, but sometimes, the dangerous opponents they face are barely even human.

Recently, the police in Busan, Korea, received a call reporting sightings of a tiger in a park. It’s common knowledge that tigers are ferocious animals, so the police rushed to the scene at once. But a twist of events left them in a very awkward situation.


The officers got to the Geumgang Park and immediately found the big cat lounging under a tree. Nobody knew where it came from or whether it escaped from some zoo or if it was a wild tiger. To be safe, they observed it from a distance for a while, but for some unknown reason, the tiger wasn’t moving an inch.


Well, of course it wasn’t moving. It was a tiger stuffed with fluff! Upon closer observation, they realized that the ferocious beast was in fact just a realistic looking plush toy. And it seems this isn’t the first time someone has spotted a similar stuffed animal hiding in the shade waiting to scare some innocent passerby.



Well, the good news is, no humans or animals were injured in this episode. Peace on earth!

Source: Zhaizhai News
Images: Wikitree, Kyuujitsu Mode, Catblock