Some anime series have complex plotlines, but when it comes to successful character-based franchises, it doesn’t matter so much what the animated cast is doing as long as fans get to enjoy their cute or attractive designs. Really, they could be doing just about anything: hanging out in their school club meeting room after class, eating strawberry parfaits, or even vomiting strips of paper, like at this theater in Korea.

After storming through Japanese theaters, the Love Live! movie, the first theatrical installment of the otaku darling and bane of Japanese educators, has made its way to Korea. But as popular as the high school idol singer franchise may be among anime aficionados, it doesn’t necessarily have the same order of mainstream popularity as Disney animation or live-action films. So to help Love Livers (as the series’ fans are known) feel welcome, one theater in Korea decided to put up a special Love Live! decoration featuring Maki Nishikino, one of the most popular characters.

Although she’s the daughter of a wealthy doctor, as a proper anime heroine Maki also has an air of approachability about her, flashes of which are shown in some of her exaggeratedly silly reaction shots.

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But rather than simply turn this image of Maki into an ordinary poster and hang it on the wall, the theater instead decided to attach it to its ticket vending machine, strategically positioning the mouth like this.

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Sure, it’s probably a bit startling for passersby, but for fans, what could be better than having their ticket mouth-delivered by a member of their favorite anime idol unit? If nothing else, it gives them a legitimate Maki Nishikino encounter to brag about.

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