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Aww, look at that big guy. He’s got such cute puppy dog eyes and a slight little smile. Don’t ya just want to hug him? Aside from the fact that he’s a dangerous wild animal, that’s probably not a good idea because of what is listed under the “special features” section of his bio at the Yokohama Zoo.

The picture below was tweeted by user i_love_ranger and has already been retweeted well over 6,000 times:


Species: Lion
Subspecies: Asiatic Lion
Name: Raja
Sex: Male
Birthday: February 11, 2008
Birthplace: Yokohama Zoo
Special traits: Gourmand. Loves humans.

Yikes! Better stay away from this one. Those white tigers in Las Vegas seemed tame enough, but eventually bit the hand that fed them. We’d hate to imagine how quick it would take a human-loving lion to devour his captors!

Source: My Game News Flash