Bring good luck in the new year of the Tiger with Tigger and other Disney characters!

One of the highlights of transitioning into a new year is the changing of the Chinese Zodiac animal, which means new housewares, collectibles, decorations, and more using animals as a motif. 2022 is the Year of the Tiger, so you can expect to see plenty of tiger-themed products in the stores in Japan, which switches over to the new Zodiac animal on January 1. And who better to represent tigers than Winnie-the-Pooh’s bouncy friend, Tigger?

That’s why Tigger features heavily in Disney Japan’s 2022 line of New Year’s goods. For example, check out this Tigger akabeko, which is a traditional toy from Fukushima prefecture with a bobbing head that is said to protect against illness. It’s a beautiful product that mixes traditional Japanese aesthetics and a popular Disney character! A collectible, to be sure.

Each one is hand-painted by an artisan, and it comes in two different sizes to fit your needs. Keep it nearby and it just might bring you good luck and good health next year! The large size costs 12,100 yen (US$105.05) and the small one 8,000 yen.

Of course, you can’t have Disney Tigger products without making reference to the Tigger Movie, in which the joyously bouncy tiger sets off to find others of his kind. There’s a scene in the movie when Pooh and his friends dress like Tigger, which has been a popular theme for Disney toys ever since. Naturally, that has been incorporated into New Year’s products in the Year of the Tiger. Accessories, plushies, kitchenware, and decorations are all decorated with Pooh characters in Tigger costumes (and of course Tigger himself).

Though it isn’t in a Tigger costume, who could resist this adorable plushie of Pooh in a tiger costume clutching a Tigger plushie (1,980 yen)? You can also get other Pooh characters in tiger costumes as well, plus Tigger himself in the costume of a white tiger.

In fact, you can also get popular Disney characters in orange, yellow, or white tiger costumes in TsumTsum form (990 yen each). Aren’t they just adorable?!

The collection also includes Disney versions of traditional New Year’s decorations. Mickey and Minnie come in daruma-shaped plushies to bring your household good luck in the new year (3,300 for the pair). There’s also a Chip and Dale version!

If you want a more stately daruma doll to decorate your home with, then look no further than the Mickey Mascot New Year 2022 (990 yen), which is a fantastic blend of Disney and Japanese aesthetics.

Donald and Daisy also have a daruma form, as well as other popular Disney characters, and if you love Stitch, you’ll want a statue of him climbing atop traditional New Year’s mochi (1,320 yen). Other characters are also represented in traditional New Year’s decorative statues, so you might find your favorite!

For the exterior, you can welcome the gods into your home with a Micky Mouse shimekazari, a traditional New Year’s decoration made with ritual items including Shinto straw ropes. This one is shaped like Mickey’s distinctive head and adorned with a Mickey daruma (3,300 yen).

Or you can put a Disney kadomatsu featuring a Mickey daruma outside your door (1,980 yen). With these items, you can both bring in good luck for the New Year and show off your love for Disney!

All of these products are now available at Disney shops across Japan and on their online store, shopDisney. Some products are already sold out, proving these are popular items, so get yours soon before they’re gone.

And if you want more cute products to ring in the new year–though not necessarily traditional New Year’s items–then look no further than Hello Kitty lucky bags!

Source: PR Times, shopDisney
Images: PR Times

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