2013.11.24 cocain 1 copy

The beach can be a great place to go to get away from it all. From listening to the gently rolling waves to smelling the ocean air and picking up seashells, there is nothing quite like a relaxing visit to the shore. Usually the most surprising thing found in the sand or water is a strange-looking sea creature, but one man stumbled upon a record-breaking 80 kg of cocaine on November 19 off the shores of Yokosuka City in Kanagawa Prefecture. Police say its street value is about 4.8 billion yen (US$47 million) and they are now looking into whoever was wishing for an apparently very white Christmas.

The drugs were found on the western shore of Yokosuka, which is located about 50 km south of Tokyo. The man who discovered them was checking on his boat that was anchored in the area when he saw a suspicious-looking plastic tank floating nearby which had four backpacks tied to it. The coke was wrapped in one-kg sacks and each bag had about 20 of them inside. Police had the substance tested and confirmed that it is in fact cocaine.

The massive amount may be a record in Japan for the largest drug stash ever found. Police did not say where the drugs came from or were going to, but one thing is for sure: someone’s sleigh ride is definitely canceled for this holiday season.

▼ The four bags with 80 kg of neatly wrapped cocaine and the floating plastic tank

2013.11.24 cocain 1 copy

▼ Closeup of one of the 1 kg sacks of cocaine

2013.11.24 cocain ii copy

▼ One of the four backpacks

2013.11.24 cocain iii copy

Source/Images: Fuji News Network