Oh God It’s Friday: Japan hammers tabloid for driving popular actor to early retirement

Some of the more civilized comments against the tabloid Friday include “Die” and “Do you feed your families with the money you squeeze out of people’s souls?”

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Japanese actor accused of using cocaine may actually have been eating little girls’ candy

Twitter comes to the aid of Hiroki Narimiya days after a tabloid accuses him of drug use.

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Missing 80 kg of nose candy? Huge cocaine stash found off Japanese beach

The beach can be a great place to go to get away from it all. From listening to the gently rolling waves to smelling the ocean air and picking up seashells, there is nothing quite like a relaxing visit to the shore. Usually the most surprising thing found in the sand or water is a strange-looking sea creature, but one man stumbled upon a record-breaking 80 kg of cocaine on November 19 off the shores of Yokosuka City in Kanagawa Prefecture. Police say its street value is about 4.8 billion yen (US$47 million) and they are now looking into whoever was wishing for an apparently very white Christmas.

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