Noriyuki Makihara shoots to the top of Amazon sales ranking because he was arrested for speed possession

Many are rushing to buy his stuff before the publishers decide to wipe him out of existence.

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Japanese boy band idol prostrates himself in front of police station after marijuana arrest【Vid】

Japan takes celebrity drug use very differently than some other countries.

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Kyoto schoolgirl arrested after failing drug test for marijuana use

Says she began smoking to help her sleep after feeling stressed from family life.

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Disney stops selling, producing Frozen Blu-rays in Japan as drug arrest fallout continues

Voice actor’s white powder activities put his snowman Olaf performance on ice.

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Sega suspends sales of yakuza video game after actor/musician is arrested on cocaine charges

It’s one thing to play a crime boss in a game, but when the real life actor starts breaking the law, Sega is ready to pull the plug.

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Japanese cop smashes through window to arrest apparently high-on-meth driver in Osaka【Videos】

Doing donuts in central Japan’s biggest city is a sure-fire way to get the police to bring out their fists of fury.

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Man released on drug charges because police wouldn’t let him use the toilet

Officers found in violation of our inalienable right to go potty.

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Japanese superhero Kamen Rider arrested for meth use

The tokusatsu franchise continues to find itself on the wrong side of the law with second arrest in as many months.

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Group of Japanese teens busted for marijuana, say “We wanted to be like foreign musicians”

High schoolers from rural Kochi Prefecture wanted to live the high life.

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Pot dog — Japanese woman arrested at airport after hiding drugs inside hot dog bun

College student’s European vacation comes to an unhappy ending in Hiroshima.

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Ramen restaurant owner in Osaka arrested after police discover marijuana stash inside eatery

Suspect admits to personal use, denies distributing drug to customers.

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Former police drug investigator arrested for drug possession, claims he didn’t know it was drugs

It was a good thing the suspect had decided to become a cop, because he doesn’t seem to be a very good criminal.

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Sadako and Kayako team up with surprising third party to scare you for a good cause!

They apparently had time for a little side gig before the release of their big movie later this month.

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Anime voice actress arrested for cocaine possession in Tokyo won’t be prosecuted

Public Prosecutors Office opts for leniency following incidents in October and November.

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Out for revenge? Shop in Guam apparently wants to help you spike someone’s drink

Looking to buy the gift that doesn’t keep on giving? Souvenir shop in Guam offers stir-in stimulants at a bargain.

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10 factors that make Japan a safe country

We’ve all heard about how safe Japan is. But unless you live here, you may not understand why Japan is considered so safe. The uninitiated may presume that safety is enforced through a rigid society that doesn’t allow freedom of expression, that Japanese people are too worried about losing face to commit a crime, or that the government comes down unnecessarily hard on people who step out of line. In reality, none of these rings true.

But we can’t deny that there’s one thing that Japan does better than anyone else. Join us after the jump for some insights and our own observations.

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Anime voice actress arrested for suspected cocaine possession, has name scrubbed from series cast

When it comes to celebrities and drug-use, Japan doesn’t have the same forgiving attitude that many other societies do. Last year, for example, when pop singer Aska was arrested on drug charges, the Studio Ghibli-animated video for the vocalist’s song “On Your Mark” was removed from an upcoming boxed set of Hayao Miyazaki animation.

Now there’s been another intersection of anime, music, and illegal narcotics, as idol singer and voice actress Ai Takabe has been arrested for drug possession, and the anime she most recently performed in has been pulled from online streaming as producers scrub her name from the cast.

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Internet commenters wonder what drugs this kid was on when he drew this anti-drug poster

If you come from a western country, chances are your view on drugs is drastically different from that of people in Asia. Throughout the region, anti-drug laws can be far stricter, and Japan is no exception – while many of us in the west might think nothing of the idea of a friend smoking a little bit of pot every now and then, many Japanese would react like to the same news like they’d just heard their friend regularly smokes crack cocaine.

It’s little wonder then, that going hand-in-hand with stricter drug laws is an intense anti-drug campaign that offers the catch-phrase “Dame. Zettai.” Translated roughly as “NO. NEVER,” or “absolutely not,” the phrase can be seen on posters and in schools throughout Japan, and of course, part of these anti-drug education efforts includes getting kids to contribute their own posters.

But one child’s drawing has sparked fits of laughter online thanks to its mind-bending portrayal of drug-induced madness.

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High-level yakuza member arrested for possession of 17kg of salt

On 1 December Yokohama customs and police departments announced the arrest of an allegedly high ranking 49-year-old member of the Sumiyoshikai yakuza group along with six other men in a case of smuggling. They found in his possession 17kg of rock salt, which was actually planted on him by Yokohama customs agents prior to his arrest. All involved are considering it a flawless example of proper law-enforcement.

If you’re confused by this then you might not be familiar with the police tactic known as “oyogasesosa” (swim investigation) or “controlled delivery” as it’s called in English speaking countries.

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Taxi driver arrested after slipping female passengers drugs so he could watch them pee

A taxi driver in Osaka has been taken into police custody after it was discovered that he had given snacks laced with a powerful diuretic to as many as 50 of his female passengers and refused to let them exit the vehicle so that he could watch them squirm, and in some cases urinate, in the back of his cab.

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