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Tokyo’s Akihabara is known the world over as a haven for all things otaku. Whatever your nerdy penchant, be it J-pop princesses, moe-style hug pillows or plastic Gundam models, you’re sure to find what you’re looking for in one of the thousands of outlets surrounding the station, and the enormous UDX complex, which is home to dozens of shops, restaurants and event spaces, is arguably the most sophisticated nerd-catering venue ever built.

Like many smarter establishments, UDX’s public restrooms are kept spick-and-span pretty much all of the time, and politely worded signs ask patrons to refrain from certain types of behaviour while making use of the facilities. Until today, though, we’d never imagined that an entertainment complex would have to ask visitors not to block up their toilets with banana peels

It would seem that UDX’s management has had it up to *here* with customers treating their restrooms like private picnic spots, and recently plastered toilet cubicle walls with signs asking these cheeky monkeys to cut it out.

▼ A message to customers in Akihabara’s UDX building

banana fail

“To our customers,

Recently, there have multiple been cases of people flushing strange objects (such as plastic containers and banana peels) down the toilet. Please refrain from flushing anything other than the toilet paper provided.”

This has to be the most bizarre customer request we’ve seen in a long time. Stay classy, Akiba!

Top image: IBNLive 
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