If you’ve ever been stranded and desperate in a public bathroom, you’ll recognize the enormity of this stranger’s kindness.

We can all benefit from a little touch of kindness here and there. You might be giving up your seat on the train or slipping in bonus goodies to people who buy your old stuff, but adding a little touch of compassion towards your fellow humans can go a long way.

And Twitter user @satomijiro was the recipient of one of these little sparks of joy when he was visiting the bathroom, of all places.


“This is the most touched I’ve been by a stranger’s kindness in many years.”

The image shows a toilet roll dispenser, clearly empty of any toilet roll. But fear not! Atop the dispenser is a small packet of tissues, the kind you might keep in your pocket or be given by companies on the street.

@satomijiro clarified in his replies to the initial tweet: “Not only did this person place tissues in a public restroom before leaving, they left premium, high-quality tissues! Too virtuous for words.”

The only interference on @satomijiro’s part was gently tugging the tissue out of its packet so that people could see that it did, in fact, contain the promised premium paper inside.

The tweet has rolled throughout the blogosphere, scoring a flush of retweets and likes in its wake. Some voiced some concerns about the tissue being too premium, and potentially stoppering up the drain if it were to be flushed down the toilet – but others chimed in to say that there’s clearly a trash can in the cubicle too, so people can toss their tissues in there without worrying about any blockage. This could be considered a random act of unkindness for any poor souls who use the bathroom after you, mind you… (Maybe you could spray some air freshener as an act of goodwill?)

Another commenter asked, “can’t you just use the “call staff” button to get the paper replaced?” but was quickly rebuffed by replies exclaiming how staff tend to assume people who use the button are in a state of distress. Probably not the best situation to ask for a spare roll or two!

But perhaps the greatest reply was this one:

“There’s kindness here, too.”

For the record, please don’t try to wipe yourself with a receipt, and especially not one that’s been trodden into the bathroom floor. It’s probably a better idea to stock up on your own premium paper at home, just in case you get caught out in a restroom that hasn’t been spruced up by kindly strangers.
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