If love is a numbers game, we’d say there’s no better place for men to play the odds than Latvia. In the formerly communist Baltic-region country, there are only 84 men for every 100 women, making the country the most gender-divided in the world – a fact that has a lot of single men here in Japan paying great attention.

As if that weren’t enough for men fed up with being “friend-zoned” by the women of their own countries to start researching ways to smuggle themselves into some Latvian tourist’s return luggage, Latvian ladies are apparently gaga over foreign men with college educations.


See, for some reason, the last 20 years have not been kind to Latvia’s native population of men; they’ve apparently ended up way behind Latvian women in terms of education and life expectancy. Sure, in a perfectly gender-equal world, it shouldn’t be a problem for the woman of a relationship to be more highly educated, but we’re certain no one likes the idea of marrying someone likely to croak several decades before they do.

Sounds great, you may be thinking. But I don’t want to go to freeze my ass off in some Eastern European tundra while desperate old ladies hit on me.

First of all, that’s a horrible thought to have and you should be ashamed of yourself. Secondly, you may be surprised to learn that Latvia’s climate is pretty wonderful; with generally mild temperatures year-round, not to mention nature in abundance. And, while there are plenty of old ladies in Latvia, they aren’t the ones looking for foreign guys with big sexy brains and long, thick… college degrees.

▼ Did we mention there is literally a Blonde Parade?


Latvia’s education standards are relatively high, too, and the local populace demonstrate a huge respect for teachers and professors, which means it’s certainly not a bad place to go to college.

So, let’s recap: There are tons of beautiful, educated women, who outnumber men by a large margin, living in a country with lots of natural beauty, great weather, and plenty of decent colleges. Maybe it’s time we finally checked in at the study abroad office…


Source: People’s Daily Online
Photos: BuzzFeed