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Just as in other countries, having a high-power, high-paying job such as doctor or banker will do a lot to expand a bachelor’s potential dating pool in Japan. Your profession is a reflection of, and at the same time an influence on, your values and identity. As in most countries, it’s inevitable that when first meeting someone, they’ll use your line of work as a shortcut to try to figure out how compatible you’ll be romantically. Success is always attractive, and there’s no quicker way to communicate it than through wealth.

But money isn’t everything, of course! Sometimes more important than number of yen in your bank account is how you earn them, as shown in a recent online survey that found nine occupations Japanese women find attractive in a potential boyfriend.

9. Buddhist Monk

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Whether it’s due to the calm, enlightened outlook on life, the job which involves comforting people in emotional distress, or simply the sleek, fashionable look of a shaved head, Japanese monks, who are allowed to marry and father children, are in demand among some women. Respondents clearly specified “the head monk of a temple,” in keeping with the success equals attractiveness formula we discussed above.

8. Garden Designer

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Japanese society places great value on taking the time to appreciate natural beauty, whether by participating in a boisterous cherry blossom viewing party, quietly observing a crimson maple leaf fluttering to the ground, or simply strolling through one of the country’s numerous gardens. Professional landscapers, who help to enhance this appreciation in others, were held in high regard by a number of the survey respondents.

7. Art Dealer


In a similar vein, men with the ascetic sensibility to understand fine art, plus the economic wherewithal to make a living through it, are seen as particularly eligible bachelors.

6, Reporter

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Upon reaching number six on the list, the male members of the RocketNews24 team smiled with a collective, knowing nod. What woman can resist the wily, rugged charms of man who’s always chasing the latest scoop?

Unfortunately, the women polled weren’t necessarily talking about us, as they specified that they like “intelligent reporters,” causing us to shed a single tear (again, collectively; the men of RocketNews24 are far too masculine to each shed a whole tear).

5. Business Owner / Entrepreneur

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The particular field wasn’t important here. So long as a guy puts his money where his mouth is and bets on himself, while at the same time looking out for his employees, he scores points in some ladies’ books.

4. Construction Worker

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The ideal of men’s fashion in Japan has been increasingly moving towards a meticulously well-groomed appearance. However, apparently some girls still prefer a guy with some dirt under his fingernails, as construction workers, who through the apprenticeship-like structure of some Japanese firms eventually become something closer to civil engineers, took the number four spot.

3. Pilot

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Some things are universal. In all cultures, being able to harness the powers of science to fly through the skies makes you cool. Even among creatures of the sea, we imagine flying fish must be considered the studliest of all.

Pilots also benefit from expanded fashion options, as being a licensed aviator comes with the bonus of being able to un-ironically wear aviator sunglasses.

2. Member of the Coast Guard

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Moving from the sky to the sea, the next selection in the survey was the men of the Japan Coast Guard. While all of them are charged with keeping Japan’s shores safe, we’re guessing their presence on this list is due in no small part to Umizaru, a popular manga series focusing on the Japan Coast Guard’s search and rescue unit that was adapted into numerous live-action TV series and feature films.

1. Sushi Chef

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They say the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, but apparently that sometimes holds true for the fairer sex, too.

At its highest levels, Japanese cuisine sticks to tradition, and among the most traditional of all are the techniques for making sushi. Earnestness is always considered a positive personality trait in Japan, and the hard work and respect for doing things the right way that are necessary to become a successful sushi chef are also seen as markers of good boyfriend material by some women.

In conclusion, we’d like to summarize how to make yourself irresistible to women in Japan:

Become the head of a temple, and landscape the attached garden. Open a sushi restaurant in said garden, building the structure with your own hands. Decorate the interior with paintings and ceramics you brokered the purchase of, and hire a staff. Make sure diners can see the ocean from the seating area. Should any ships send out a distress signal, hop in your plane and fly to the scene before parachuting out and rescuing the crew and passengers. Finally, write up a report of the accident plus a review of your restaurant. Submit them to the press, and wait for hordes of women to beat down your door.

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