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Earlier in our thankfully extremely sporadic series, “Oh Boy, That’s Pretty Racist,” we covered a Japanese “comedian” (I use this term loosely) who posted Vine videos as a poorly acclimated Indian guy living in Japan, complete with racist accent and affinity for curry, of course.

For our second installment, we have a Japanese woman living in Taiwan explaining the reasons people should choose Japanese women over Taiwanese women using broad cultural stereotypes that at best unfairly pigeonhole Taiwanese ladies, and at worst are outright false. Let’s take a look:

In case you’re at work, or have already had your fill of YouTube-based racism today, we’ll recap the three reasons here:

1) Japanese women are stylish

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As compared to Taiwanese women, who – according to this Japanese woman – basically dress like frumpy old ladies all the time. Our host, Ami, explains that Japanese women always get all dressed up for classes in college – even the early morning ones – while Taiwanese girls apparently just roll out of whatever trash can they slept in and head straight back to class.

As someone who has attended both American and Japanese colleges, I’d say this is a dangerous stereotype. Whatever country you’re from, how dressed up you get for class hinges less on race and nationality and more on A) how early the class is and, B) how much alcohol you drank and/or how much weed you smoked the night before. During my stint at a Japanese college, I saw plenty of girls who looked pretty horrible in the mornings and saw my share of American college girls wearing heels to class at ungodly hours. Sure, I’ve never been to Taiwan – I admit that right now – but I’d assume there’s the same spectrum.

2) Japanese women are attentive and thoughtful

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I almost thought this was a joke at first. While I don’t claim to have dated all the Japanese girls ever, I’ve dated my fair share and I would describe less than half of them as “attentive and thoughtful.” In fairness, I’d describe less than half of my guy friends (Japanese, American, Brit or otherwise) as “attentive and thoughtful,” too, so don’t think I’m picking on the ladies here. At the end of the day, we’re all looking out for Number One, so proclaiming that Japanese women are perfect marriage partners because they’re somehow more attentive to their partners than other races is a little ridiculous. Ami then goes on to relate that she “heard a story” about Taiwanese men delivering fast food at their girlfriends’ every whim – regardless of time or place – which is maybe kind of the Asian equivalent of starting a rant with, “I’m not racist, but…”

3) Japanese women care a lot about cooking

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Look, there’s nothing better than your loved one taking the time to put together a fantastic home-cooked meal. But to imply that Japanese women somehow do this more often or better than girls (or even guys) of other races is kind of silly. Ami states that Japanese women cook frequently and always check recipe apps for the latest and best recipes so that they can provide a large variety of dishes to their guys, all the while implying that Taiwanese women make the same bland dishes over and over again.

It might be news to Ami that other races have also heard of the Internet before and often use it for recipe ideas. In fact, I’d assume that, worldwide, recipe searches come within the top five uses of the Internet just behind porn, Facebook and flaming people with different political beliefs.

Not to get too sentimental – I’d lose my cool guy cred, after all – but I think the lesson to take away from this is that you should date and/or marry who you want to. It’s not a race or nationality thing. Here’s hoping Ami can find herself a loving man of some race who will accept her for her rampant tendency to stereotype them.

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