There are some extreme flavours of ice cream out there: all the flavours of the meat rainbow. Ice cream chock-full of pork, beef, or even chicken. We’re not talking about ice cream that adds a little meat extract to approximate the taste. We’re talking about a carnivore’s wet dream, the meat ice cream that practically walks on all fours; a dessert confection that blasts chunks of meat into your mouth with every spoonful. That’s the kind of pork ice cream our Japanese RocketNews24 reporter Kuzo found in Taiwan, sampled, and wrote this article about.

・Oh yeah, this ice cream shop also has normal ice cream…
Snow King Ice Cream (雪王冰淇淋) in Taipei City is the ice cream shop that sells this pig-flavoured ice cream. They also sell normal ice cream, but the meat ice cream is so famous, people come from all over just for a taste.

▼Big blue and white signs advertise the Snow King ice cream shop.

▼There are some seats inside.pork3

▼Literally, “snow” + “king”.pork4

▼A sampling of the menu. Hmmm, can’t decide between the pork floss and pig knuckle flavours. What the hey, I’ll make a pig of myself and get both!pork5

・Bursting with the goodness of pork gelatin
Our intrepid reporter Kuzo selected the pork gelatin ice cream. He placed his order, and the pig was scooped into a cup and served. To his untrained eye, this ice cream looked even whiter than most vanilla ice cream. And it smelled salty as a country ham. Time to pig out…

・Sorry, Kuzo can’t say he enjoyed it!
“Urghhh!! Blerk, gak! WTF is this?? Salty, oily, greasy, gungy!” Just when he thought it was over, the aftertaste was the worst. Truly a disgusting experience all round. Obviously, Kuzo is not a fan. But maybe he just couldn’t ham-dle it.

▼Pork ice cream…pork6

▼If you eat this spoonful, your life may be forever changed…pork7


・”Why don’t you try some normal ice cream next time?”
When Kuzo sheepishly handed back his unfinished ice cream, the shop staff told him: “It may be not good for your health, but it’s not bad ice cream. If only you’d tried a more standard flavour (lol)… Because it contains no sugar, people with diabetes can enjoy it too. Next time, try a normal flavour!” A normal flavour… you mean, like “sesame oil chicken ice cream”? Or like “oolong tea ice cream”? I’d definitely try tapioca pearls before swine. Shudder.

・Location and hours of business
Restaurant: Snow King Ice Cream (雪王冰淇淋)
Address: 65 武昌街一段, Zhongzheng District, Taipei City, Taiwan
Hours of business: 12pm to 10pm
Holidays: Not usually closed on any particular days (but check first to be sure!)

▼Local scenery, or “kanban musume”?pork9

▼Welcome to a world of unimaginable taste sensations.pork19

You know, you can put lipstick on a pig, when you wrap your lips around pig ice cream. With no sugar in it, it may even be low carb. With rashers of sweet pork confections breaking out all over the world, including incredibly good bacon sweets and tonkatsu parfait, I’m sure it won’t be long before we see seasonal pork-flavoured KitKats in Tokyo convenience stores.

Images: RocketNews24
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