An adventure for your stomach from Japan’s low-key crazy pizza maniacs.

This summer, we’ve been seeing some, well let’s call them…unorthodox pizzas in Japan. In June there was Pizza Hut Japan’s Weiner Coffee Pizza, and earlier this month we got our hands, and mouths, on Domino’s Pizza Japan’s Pickles Pizza.

But Nagoya-based chain Aoki’s Pizza, which also has branches in Aichi, Gifu, and Mie Prefectures, isn’t about to get out-weirded by the bigger chains. Aoki’s is, after all, the company that brought us such wonders as the 18-meat Meat Mountain pizza sandwich and the horror-themed Bloody Zombino pizza. Their latest creation?

The Ice Cream Fondue Pizza.

Aoki’s describes it as a “summer adventure pizza,” and you’ll have to have an adventurous palate to try it. The uniquely shaped crust forms a raised crater in the center, which serves as a vessel for vanilla ice cream that you dip your slice of pizza into, similar to plunking morsels of food into a fondue pot.

The provided vanilla ice cream is from Haagen-Dazs, so you can expect a rich, quality cream. The Ice Cream Fondue Pizza also comes with maple syrup and chocolate sauce, if you want even more sweet sensations to tickle your taste buds.

What makes the Ice Cream Fondue Pizza especially strange, though, is that while it’s the sweet elements that set it apart, it’s not a pure dessert pizza. Before you dip the slices in ice cream or drizzle syrup/sauce on them, they just have the classic ingredients of mozzarella cheese peperoni, and sliced mushrooms. So yes, with the Ice Cream Fondue Pizza, Aoki’s is proposing that you get mushroom, pork, and ice cream in your mouth all at the same time.

The Ice Cream Fondue Pizza is available in limited quantities for a limited time, and only in medium size, priced at 2,380 yen (US$17).

It’s worth noting that you get the Haagen-Dazs ice cream in its own separate tub, so that you can pour it into the “fondue” area just before you start eating. That also means that you could use other ice cream flavors is you’d prefer, say, a matcha or Popping Shower-flavor Ice Cream Fondue Pizza. Alternatively, you could fill the crater up with melted cheese for a more traditional-style “fondue.” Heck, fill it with curry roux and eat the pizza like it’s nan bread, if that’s what you’re in the mood for.

That’s the great thing about eating something as crazy and unprecedented as an Ice Cream Fondue Pizza: No one can tell you you’re eating it the wrong way.

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Source: Aoki’s Pizza via IT Media
Images: Aoki’s Pizza
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