The “PlayStation VR Processor Unit” acts as a middleman between the headset and the PS4 console itself.

This holiday, Nintendo’s selling a miniature version of its classic Nintendo Entertainment System.

▼ The NES Classic Edition costs $60, has 30 games, and is available on Nov. 10.


It is, frankly speaking, adorable.

On the flipside, Sony’s releasing a cutting edge virtual reality headset in PlayStation VR for the PlayStation 4. It’s a $400 headset that enables high-end virtual reality games and experiences right in your living room, and it’s all powered by the PlayStation 4 you already own.

What you might not know about this headset, though, is that it comes with its own miniaturized game console. The “PlayStation VR Processor Unit” acts as a middleman between the headset and the PS4 console itself.

It’s also, basically, a miniature PlayStation 4. Just look at this cute little guy:

▼ Adorable!



It’s even got a similar design aesthetic, dividing line and all:


The idea is that you take the wires extending off the PlayStation VR headset and plug them into the front of the Processor Unit, which then connects to the PlayStation 4 itself.

Notably, you’ll need an extra wall plug for the Processor Unit — here’s a look at it from the back:

▼ It’s got a fan!



Not only does the Processor Unit act as a go-between (so the VR headset’s wires are running behind your PlayStation 4), but it enables what Sony’s calling “social screen” functionality. Silly name aside, the idea is simple: Whatever the VR user is seeing in their headset is replicated on the TV. This can also be used in other ways, where players use the TV in one way while the VR headset user experiences something else.

Here’s a look at the entire PlayStation VR package that arrives on October 13 for $400:


There’s also a demo disc that comes with the headset, which has 18 different games and experiences to try. Check out a full unboxing of the headset right here: