There few pieces of cinematic brilliance that come close to matching Captain EO. The star power of Michael Jackson guided by the directing talents of Francis Ford Coppola in a George Lucas Production all come together in a space-operatic masterpiece that taught us all to dream again.

However, the film was taken from us after a fleeting 11-year run at Disney theme parks around the world. Then in a bittersweet moment it was reopened in tribute to the king of pop’s passing in 2010. And now again we in Japan will have to mourn the 17-minute film’s closing in 2014.

After 30 June next year, the theater will close down and work will begin to open a version of the Stitch Experience in 2015 which has similar attractions running in both Hong Kong Disneyland and Disneyland Paris.

Disney is promising a treat that all ages can enjoy and through the big screen we all can “enjoy surprising and humorous interactions with the mischievous Stitch.” The little blue alien has a large following in Asia and was recently voted the 12th most popular character with Japanese children.

Still, it’s hard to imagine that coming close to the sheer artistry of Captain EO. For those who aren’t familiar with Captain EO (there probably isn’t anyone like that, but just in case), it’s the story of a space captain sent to give a gift to the “Supreme Leader”. Danger awaits on this mission but luckily Captain EO has the gift of laser hands that turn foes into back-up dancers with massive pompadours.

The passionate acting and on-screen chemistry of Jackson and Oscar-winner Anjelica Huston was perfectly complemented by the supporting cast of puppets. Remember when the world laughed at Hooter as he put a trashcan on his h.. heheh!.. head, sorry.

Sadly, drug problems later in life forced Hooter to work gigs at Jabba the Hut’s Rancor “fights.”

Yes, there are too many good times to count in Captain EO, so everyone in Japan should be sure to check it out one last time while it’s still on. It’ll be hard to let go, but time will heal. Besides, the movie was showing in the Tomorrowland section of Tokyo Disneyland. It does seem kind of odd to have a film from 1986 there. It’s for the best that they update it – with an attraction based on a 2002 movie.

Source: Joshi Plus via My Game News Flash (Japanese)
Video: YouTube – papajiru
Band Image: Amazon

Captain EO: We highly recommend seeing it in the actual theather. Otherwise that one minute scene of a spinning rock is a complete waste of time.