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DARPA, the American agency commonly known for its hilarious supervillain-esque laser projects and weaponized dolphins, took time out of its wacky military inventions schedule to hold its Robotics Competition in Miami, Florida, where a humanoid robot from Japanese company Schaft, Inc. took top prize.

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The bot is considered the greatest humanoid robot ever built, with the prototype taking the top spot in four of eight tasks – terrain, ladder, debris and hose. You might recognize three of those four as obstacles you definitely wouldn’t want a violent military robot to be able to negotiate, so it’s good that the Schaft bot is primarily meant as a rescue robot for working in disaster areas unsafe for human rescue workers to enter.

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Visually, it’s easy to see the robot is a product of Japan, as it seems clearly inspired by various mecha anime and, while it’s currently intended for rescue purposes, it looks frighteningly easy to replace the multi-purpose arms with dual chainguns.

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Check out a video of Schaft performing the task challenges here:

Source: Kotaku