As we speak, scientists in Japan are hard at work on inventing a myriad of robots whose sole raison d’être is to improve quality of life for humans. Whether it’s shoveling snow, helping people to walk, or generally spreading cheer through unbelievable cuteness and dexterity (we’re talking about you, Asimo!) it’s clear to see that robots are going to feature big in our lives during the years to come. But when a drawing contest was held in Japan for elementary school students to submit their impressions of a robot-filled future, one particular entry started to gain a lot of attention on twitter for being extremely creepy in an oddly knowing way…

▼ The drawing in question was uploaded to twitter by user @libekichi, and soon started to gain attention for its, erm… creepiness.

“A robot working with me in the future”

We can’t help thinking that this picture is satire, drawn as a wry protest against the concept of eventual over-reliance on “help” robots leading to humans being essentially controlled by robotic overlords. In the picture, the elementary school student has drawn himself as an entirely unamused salaryman, whose “assistant” robot is making a nuisance of itself by crowding the guy’s desk. Just look at that smug robotic smile and that pompous pointing finger! Just who does that robo-jerk think he is, anyhow?

Comments to the tweet ranged from amused to slightly sickened by the concept of such dystopian imagery springing forth from the crayons of a child.

“Dead behind the eyes.”

“More like, a robot who is MAKING me work!”

“What an artist!”

“That robot looks like a total dumbass.”

“There’ll be no escape from hard work…”

“Is this what Japan has come to, with kids drawing horrifying stuff like this…?”

“This kid’s got some big dreams for the future.”

Perhaps in the future, all of our bosses will be replaced by robots like the one in the picture! Imagine the horror!

Source: Burusoku