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Have you ever looked over while riding the Yamanote Line and saw the coolest guy you’ve ever seen? Sure he was probably wearing fashionable clothes and had great hair, but what was he doing? A poll conducted by Japanese mobile phone provider, NTT Docomo, reveals the top 10 things cool guys do on the train.

A total of 36,537 people participated in the poll, with some very interesting results. Let’s take a look!

1) Gives his seat up to an elderly passenger (16,507 votes)

▼ What a nice young man. So cool, too!Giving up seat on the train

Image: Irasutoya

2) Holds on to the train’s handle straps instead of sitting (2,771 votes)

▼ We don’t think this is what they had in mind…tsurikawageri

3) Stares out the window, as if day dreaming (2,622 votes)

▼So moody. So cool.train man

Image: Yurinoboke

4) Reads an English-language newspaper (2,522 votes)

▼ Maybe this only applies to Japanese men…English-language newspapers

Image: Rintaro Masuda

5) Reads a paperback book (2,203 votes)

▼ Must be paperback. Erotic manga doesn’t count.Screen Shot 2014-01-08 at 3.39.46 AM

Image: Kaden Watch

6) Sits up straight (1,998 votes)

▼ Good posture is sexy.Screen Shot 2014-01-08 at 3.45.56 AM

Image: MS Trust

7) Lends his shoulder to the person who accidentally fell asleep next to him (1,932 votes)

▼ Resist the urge to point and take pictures. Not cool.lending your shoulder

Image: visselacademy

8) Soothes the fussy child sitting next to him (1,776 votes)

▼ This kitty sure knows how to soothe this little baby.

9) Listens to music (884 votes)

▼ He’s probably listening to Rammstein. Das ist gut.

Image: Lancers

10) Reads a hardcover book (660 votes)

▼ Not nearly as cool as reading a paperback, but still cooler than playing a DS.754px-Latin_dictionary

Image: Wikipedia

We’re not so convinced that you’ll look like a cool guy if you perform these 10 things. Plenty of the men in our office have been seen staring blankly out the window and no woman ever gave them the time of day. But we suppose if you really want to increase your chances of looking cool on the train, you had better listen to music while reading The Wall Street Journal and a paperback book at the same time as you lend your shoulder to a snoozing, drooling 70-year-old, all the while maintaining impeccable posture.

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Source: Hachima Kikou