Say hello to six chocolates in handsome human form.

If chocolates were hot guys, which one would be most handsome? That’s the question that was put to 2,054 females between the ages of 10 and 49 recently, as Japanese confectionery company Morinaga set out to transform their range of popular chocolates into a group of good-looking male characters.

Teaming up with “Ikemen Lab”, a humorous research organisation run by Cybird, developers of the popular Ikemen series of dating simulators, the two companies used the results of the survey as the foundation from which to create a series of six hot anime men.

▼ The chocolate brands chosen to compete in the good-looks contest were (clockwise, from top left): Dars milk chocolate, Carré de Chocolat french milk, Morinaga milk chocolate, Choco Flake, Bake, and Koeda.


The winner, with 559 votes, was the red-boxed Dars milk chocolate, with survey respondents commenting on its smart, simple looks and refined flavour. The character created is tall, slim and dresses to fit the brief, with bright red trousers, a pale brown button-up shirt, and chocolate-brown jacket.


Narrowly beaten by Dars was Carré de Chocolat (below, middle), coming in at number two with 507 votes and proving to be a hit with women in the 40–49 year-old age bracket. With an exotic air and high-class quality, the chocolate becomes a light-haired, waist-coated, ruffle-shirt-wearing gentleman dressed in three shades of brown. Joining them in the top three is Morinaga milk chocolate, with 337 votes, appearing in a formal morning suit and bow tie.


When making their decision, respondents were able to note certain characteristics they envisioned for the corresponding “Choco-kare” or “Chocolate Guy”. For the top three above, they imagined their alter-egos to be cool and self-important, with Dars being younger in age and the other two oozing pheromones that make them hard to resist. The final three — Koeda, Bake, and Choco Flake — were deemed to be cool yet young and mischievous.

▼ Left to right: Koeda (167 votes), Bake (114 votes), Choco Flake (59 votes). Sadly, 311 respondents said they didn’t think any of the chocolates were “handsome” at all.


While the names of the hot chocolate characters are yet to be revealed, it’s likely we’ll be seeing them at supermarkets and in advertising campaigns soon. And with Valentine’s Day just around the corner, chocolate lovers around the country will now be able to choose between half a dozen deliciously handsome boys to take home!

Source/images: Morinaga