Haven’t you always secretly wanted to know what a puny Caterpie would look like next to the legendary Lugia? And I bet you didn’t know just how much of a pipsqueak Pikachu actually is. Well, thanks to one artist on deviantART, now you can compare the sizes of all six generations of Pokémon in one picture! We were blown away by the amount of work it must have taken to research the dimensions of all 718 Pokémon and compile their silhouettes into one image. Can you guess which are the biggest and smallest Pokémon?

User DOTBstudios of popular online art community deviantART recently posted an image he created of all six generations of Pokémon introduced to the world as of the end of 2013.  DOTBstudios’ enigmatic user profile lists him as “Ray,” a male from the United States.

DOBTstudios created the scaled image using the Pokémon dimensions that are listed in official guidebooks. In his picture description, he lists a few notes so that we can all appreciate just how accurate he was in the scaling:

The “height” of snake-like Pokémon is treated as “length”
The “height” of Pokémon with a measurable wingspan is treated as “wingspan”
All other Pokémon are true to the given height.

Now get ready to feast your eyes on his pictures!

▼All 718 Pokémon representing six generations. One word: WAILORD.


▼721 silhouettes (includes Mega Evolutions)


Be sure to visit DOTBstudios to download high resolution versions of the images!

Did you have any misconceptions about the actual sizes of individual Pokémon? It sure makes me wonder how some of them manage to cram into Pokéballs…

Source: Pokesoku 
Images: deviantART