Game of Thrones Pokemon - A Song of Blue and Red: Targaryen

Everybody loves Game of Thrones and everyone loves Pokémon, so why not combine the two to make awesome Pokémon characters out of the Game of Thrones house sigils?

Though they’re in wildly different genres, it’d undeniable that Pokémon and Game of Thrones are some of the most popular properties in the world right now. And we suppose there’s a certain overlap in just how much time two franchises spend devoted to having their characters battle each other. Which might lead one to wonder: What if you combined Pokémon and Game of Thrones?

Well, that’s exactly what American artist Kaleb Raleigh (also known as “Sketch-BGI”) has done with his amazing graphic design skills.

▼ A Song of Blue and Red: Targaryen

Raleigh has named the series of Pokémon versus Game of Thrones characters “A Song of Blue and Red”.

▼ A Song of Blue and Red: Stark

The Pokémon characters are based mostly on Game of Thrones houses from Westoros, a continent located in the “far West of the known world”.

▼A Song of Blue and Red: Lannister

Raleigh manages to stay true to the original style of the Game of Thrones house sigils whilst capturing the essence of Pokémon charm.

▼A Song of Blue and Red: White Walkers

▼A Song of Blue and Red: Greyjoy

▼A Song of Blue and Red: Frey

▼A Song of Blue and Red: Tully

If you haven’t already succumbed to the Game of Thrones or Pokémon series, then perhaps these hybrid characters will finally tip you over the edge!

Source: DeviantArt “Sketch-BGI” via Laughing Squid
Images: DeviantArt “Sketch-BGI”