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Pickpockets are famous for their nimble fingers, but the drawback of that approach is that they have to actually get close enough to get their grubby fingers in your pockets. Unless, of course, the pickpockets are using chopsticks to grab the goods. Or at least they are trying to…

First, take a look at this video, where a smooth operator cases the crowd, pulls a pair of chopsticks out of thin air and makes off with a woman’s phone without her even noticing. Them’s some serious hashi skills!

Other thieves maybe need to stick to using chopsticks for their dinner. Watch this crafty fellow pluck a phone from his mark’s pocket, only to drop it loudly on the ground.

Yeah, it really is hard to hang on to things for any length of time, isn’t it? Amazingly, it doesn’t look as if the mark knows he was almost robbed. He seems to think his phone just fell out of his pocket or something.

Let this be a lesson to us all. If you see someone wandering around with a pair of chopsticks, pull your lunch close and your phone even closer.

Source: Toychan Net
Videos: YouTube, LiveLeak