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Having learned the hard way that some TV series exist simply to keep viewers hanging for years (yes, Lost, I am looking at you), I have to admit that I gave the TV adaptation of Game of Thrones a wide berth for quite some time after it first aired. A few months and the contraction of a very nasty cold later, I found myself in bed with a heap of medication, a DVD box-set and little else to do. By the time I was back on my feet, I was a huge fan of the series (and may have run “Game of Thrones blonde girl” through Google a couple of times) and swallowed, along with the last of the medicine, my usual stubborn pride by telling friends that I was ready to join in their nerdy conversations and even read the books that they had all finished with years ago.

Little did I know, though, that the TV show could be made all the more awesome by recreating some of its more memorable scenes in the style of Japanese ukiyo-e woodblock prints, with all of my favourite characters looking like they reside in feudal Japan rather than Westeros.

“I thought it would be interesting to draw a retelling of the ASOIAF [A Song of Ice and Fire] universe as if it took place in feudal-era Japan,” writes talented creator Seiji on his Imgur account alongside his images. “These drawings are inspired by the Ukiyo-e style.”

Seiji has done a stunning job of bringing George R. R. Martin’s high-fantasy series to historical Japan, with a handful of standout scenes accurately portrayed and yet not looking in the slightest bit out-of-place despite the abundance of top-knots, kanji characters and pale-faced ladies.

▼ Here we see Jon Snow locking swords with Qhorin Halfhand
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▼ Bran Stark being carried by his faithful servant, HodorScreen Shot 2014-01-21 at 1.17.12 PM

▼ Tyrion Lannister being taken to a very Japanese-looking Erie castle

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▼ And the aforementioned “blonde girl” Daenyerys Targaryen with her dragonsScreen Shot 2014-01-21 at 1.17.48 PM

Seiji has more feudal Japan-themed Game of Thrones works to pore over, so head over to his page on Imgur now to see them!

Source: Seiji