Gadget proves it’s a game-changer after doing battle with a variety of snack foods. 

Have you ever experienced “gamer’s belly“? We certainly have. If you haven’t heard of the term before, that’s probably because we just came up with it, as a way to describe those times when we choose to continue gaming despite our stomachs growling at us to feed them.

Gamer’s belly is often alleviated by easy-to-grab snacks like chips, but then there’s the problem of transferring dirt and grease on to your controller. Thankfully, Japanese company B’full has decided to step in to help us address the problem, with a new product called the Gaming Chopsticks Holder, which allows us to fill our bellies and stay grease-free without having to hit pause on the game.

▼ The Gaming Chopsticks Holder retails for 1,210 yen (US$14.79)

We were keen to test this gadget out, and when we took it out of its packaging, we were impressed by its simplicity. It’s often the simple ideas that are the best, but we still had to take a look at the enclosed instructions to figure out how to load it properly.

We prepared three differently shaped chopsticks, and out of the straight disposable chopsticks, rounded disposable chopsticks and acrylic chopsticks, we found that the straight disposable chopsticks worked best.

▼ The rounded chopsticks felt a little unstable in the holder, but the straight ones clipped firmly in place.

Once the chopsticks were in, all we had to do was slot the plastic piece in between our fore and middle fingers…

▼ …and bring them together to close the chopsticks.

The action was smooth and easy, and when we grabbed the mouse to test them out, we instantly felt cool and invincible, like a wooden-clawed Wolverine, or maybe even Edward Chopstickhands.

The real test came when we dipped our chopsticks into a bag of potato chips. While we’re used to eating chips with chopsticks when we want to keep our fingers grease-free, we’d never held our chopsticks like this before.

▼ However, by simply bringing our fingers together, we were able to pick our chips out with ease!

The chopsticks truly felt like an extension of our fingers, and we were ready to declare this a genius item then and there, but we decided to really put them to the test with some slightly trickier items.

▼ Slippery, bean-shaped chocolates? No problem here!

▼ How about a thin, slender Karamucho potato stick?

▼ Again, no problem!

While you might have to adjust the pressure when picking out regular potato chips, to ensure you don’t break them, the harder Karamucho sticks were surprisingly easy to pick up. Nothing had defeated the Chopstick Holder yet, so we moved on to what we imagined would be the most challenging snack of all to eat with chopsticks.

▼ Baby Star Ramen.

It may be one of the thinnest snacks on the market, but yet again, the Gaming Chopstick Holder handled the job with finesse, expertly pinching the dried noodle between its tips.

While you might have to take your eyes off the game for a moment to fish out the thinner snacks, the chopstick holder is remarkably convenient, keeping your fingers, and your gaming equipment, squeaky clean.

Another nice design feature is the way the holder sits on the table while the chopsticks are equipped. The chopsticks “float” above the surface, keeping them clean at all times so you can lay the gadget down and pick it up as many times as you like without having to replace the eating utensil every time.

The unique action of pinching your forefinger and middle finger together to pick up food makes it feel as if you’re using your actual fingers to eat the snacks, similar to the way you normally would, which is a really great feature of the product.

However, if you prefer, you can hold the gadget with your thumb and forefinger (as seen below) to achieve more stability. This makes it feel as if you’re using tweezers to eat, which adds another fun angle to the product.

Even if you’re not a gamer with gamer’s belly, you can always use these chopsticks for snacking during other scenarios, like while you’re doing homework, reading, or working on your computer or tablet.

The Gaming Chopsticks Holder can be purchased online from B’full or through Amazon. It’s a great product that we highly recommend trying, along with Japan’s gaming blanket and gaming bed!

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