Sailor Moon’s 20th Anniversary year has been an absolute boon for fans of the series. We’ve seen everything from sanitary equipment  to lingerie to tiny little miniature versions of the everyday items they use.

What we really can’t get enough of is the bevy of adorable merchandise from Premium Bandai. And now that they’ve added new Sailor Pluto and Chibiusa items to their Miracle Romance line and DX My Chopsticks Collection, we’re heading straight to the online register!

The new lip balms will be released in two-piece sets, as a nod to the special relationship shared by Chibiusa and the Sailor Senshi she lovingly calls “Puu”. Retailing for 3,024 yen (US$25), each pack comes with a with a grape-flavoured Sailor Pluto lip rod and a pudding-flavoured one for Chibiusa.

▼ You too can transform in the name of the moon!


▼ The Sailor Pluto lip balm is designed to look just like the transformation rod she uses in the series to change into a Sailor Scout.2

▼ Reveal to me the path of lip balm with a gorgeous replica of Chibiusa’s Space-Time key!


Sailor Pluto’s lip rod and Chibusa’s Space-Time key can also be used at mealtimes, thanks to these two new additions to the deluxe DX My Chopsticks collection, which retail for 1,620 yen ($13) each.


Measuring 225 millimetres (8.9 inches) in length, these chopsticks don’t have to be confined to the dinner table – why not use them to prop your hair up in a bun? And then you can release your cascading locks when you transform in the name of the moon!



The Space-Time key chopsticks are released under the name “Small Lady”, which is Sailor Pluto’s affectionate nickname for Chibiusa. They come in an all-gold design, with beautiful jewelled details.

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The packaging also delivers on the cuteness, making these a great gift for any Sailor Moon fan. With deliveries scheduled to start in December, head to their online store to get your Christmas shopping done now!

Source: @Press
Images: Premium Bandai DX My Hashi Collection, Premium Bandai Miracle Romance Space Time Lip Cream