A restaurant in the trendy Shimokitazawa neighborhood of Tokyo thought they would get into the spirit of Valentine’s Day by offering a limited edition chocolate kakigori, a traditional Japanese snack that involves putting toppings on shaved ice. There was only one small problem…

The Oyama Tea House topped a mountain of fluffy strawberry and milk ice shavings with aerated organic chocolate mouse and syrup imported from France, with crushed roasted almonds for a crunchy accent. When served, the whole scrumptious concoction was topped with a rum-candied chestnut and set ablaze. Talk about your food presentation skills!



Doesn’t it look a little…?

Well, let’s let Twitter user @n_inoue call it like it is:

“Doesn’t matter how you look at it. It looks like a flaming crap.”


Source: Shimokitazawa Keizai Shimbun via Hachima Kikou
Image: Shimokitazawa Keizai Shimbun