What would you do if you had a father-in-law who made handmade gifts like the one in this photo? Well, if you’re a hardcore Gundam fan, you’d probably be pretty ecstatic. A few days ago, one Japanese netizen tweeted a photo of his father-in-law’s hand-carved Gundam figurine complete with giant bazookas. It gets even cooler because this isn’t even the first one that was made! You won’t believe the following photos showcasing one man’s incredible artistic talent.

Here’s the original tweet by @Frozen_tono:


“My artisan father-in-law’s amazing carving skills. This is his third creation: a Gundam made entirely from wood of the Zelkova tree and equipped with bazookas. It smells really good, too!”

▼ The awesome, crouching pose adds to the overall epicness


▼ Pretty accurate when compared to the design of the original RX-78-2 model, wouldn’t you say?


By the way, in case you were unaware of its existence, the next time you’re in Odaiba, Tokyo Bay you should stop by this 1/1 scaled Gundam model that was constructed in 2009 to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the franchise.

▼ Life-size (theoretically) at 18 meters (60 feet)!


If you read the original tweet closely, you probably noticed that the bazooka Gundam was actually the man’s third creation. Aren’t you incredibly curious to find out what his first two creations were? Luckily, another Twitter user asked @Frozen_tono to share details about the first two:


@Nyapoleon: “I’m so impressed with this picture. What were the first two things that your father-in-law made?”

@Frozen_tono: “The first one was a wooden rocking horse he made for my son. The second one was an upright Gundam.”

▼Gundam-inspired version of a classic children’s toy


This fantastic craftsmanship has certainly piqued our interest to see more future toys made by this man. Maybe someone could convince him to carve Gundam models representing every major Gundam anime installment over the years…

Source: My Game News Flash
Images: My Game News Flash, Wikipedia, Japan Newbie