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Models from Shoko Nakagawa and Chiaki’s talent company donned Peach John Sailor Mooninspired intimates in a recent magazine ad campaign.


Sailor Moon


Sailor Mercury


Sailor Mars


Sailor Jupiter


Sailor Venus

Each 4,980-yen (US$50) Sailor Moon Complete Transformation Bra Set comes with a brassiere, panties, and a satin ribbon choker in the image of one of five different Sailor Senshi (Sailor Soldiers or Guardians). (The attached ribbon bows are removable.)


Each 3,980-yen (US$40) Sailor Moon Patterned Bra Set comes with a matching brassiere and panties decorated with tiny Sailor Moon motifs. They come in navy or pink, and the center of each brassiere has a star charm bell.

sm7Each 1,800-yen (US$18) Sailor Moon Panties Set comes with two panties — one striped, and one patterned. The striped panties features a silhouette of Sailor Moon on the rear. The sets come in three colors: black, white, and lavender.


Each 4,980-yen (US$50) Sailor Moon PJ comes with a T-shirt and shorts in two designs: navy shirt with yellow-striped shorts or pink-striped shirt with blue shorts. Both feature designs of Luna and Artemis.

The sets go on sale on February 19.

Source: RBB Today

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