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Readers in North America, Europe and Australia, where the PlayStation 4 was released back in November, might be surprised to learn that Japanese gamers are still waiting for Sony’s next-gen console. But this Saturday February 22, the PS4 is finally unleashed on the video game capital of the world!

As we’ve discovered before, Dragon Ball can be used to explain just about anything, and this clever infographic shows how the PS4 compares to its predecessor – with specs converted into battle strength! So if Frieza was a PS4, just how powerful would he be?

The sign, which was snapped this week by Twitter user @umtki and seems to be a display board in a store, is titled “How epic is the PS4 anyway? THIS epic!”. According to the poster, here’s how the PS4 lines up in Dragon Ball terms:

  • Frieza in his most powerful form
    The PS3, released in 2006, was like Frieza in his first form, when his Official Power Level was a mere 530,000. The PS4, apparently, is Frieza in his fourth and final form, with a power level of 60 million!

20140220 Freeza_Full_Power

  • Shoots 16 death beams
    With its 8GB memory, the PS4 has 16 times the amount of RAM as the PS3 – just like if Frieza had the ability to fire 16 death beams simultaneously.
  • Eight times as many members of the Ginyu Force
    The PS4’s 8-core processor means it packs eight times the punch of the PS3: in Dragon Ball terms, that’s as if the mercenary Ginyu Force expanded to 40 warriors!

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  • Runs seven times as fast
    Thanks to its GDDR5 memory, the PS4’s processing speed far and away outstrips the PS3. If that was Frieza, he’d be able to move seven times as fast as before!

While we’re not sure how they came up with the numbers on some of these specs, whoever came up with the poster idea is a genius! And having fallen in love with our PS4 quite some time ago, we think they’ve done a pretty good job of summing up the difference in power. Let’s hope the creator of this poster gets to hide away from the cold and stay inside with a brand new console this weekend.

Source: Hachimakiko
Top image: @umtki on Twitter.   Other images: Dragon Ball ©Toei Animation, @umtki, edited by RocketNews24.