The Japan Chibi Weekend, held in February in Madrid, is a relatively small player in the anime convention world. Entry costs just 7 euros (US$10),  and its name even means “mini” in Japanese. That doesn’t stop anime and manga fans having a blast though, with a great mix of Japanese and western characters on show in the cosplay competition and around the convention.

Although the two-day event focuses on manga, anime and Japanese culture, the competitors’ handmade costumes included an impressive line-up of Disney and Dreamworks characters, too! Let’s take a look at what was on offer in the Spanish capital at this year’s event.

Cosplay’s success in Japan has led to the popular misconception of it as being an exclusively Japanese hobby. In fact, the word “cosplay”  – an abbreviation, as you probably know, of “costume play” – was coined at the 1983 World Science Fiction Convention in Los Angeles (admittedly, by a Japanese guy). The cosplayers participating in Madrid had some pretty original ideas, using characters from Japanese anime, Disney, and elsewhere!

▼ Rafiki from The Lion King. All photos via Bleeding Cool.

▼ More Disney love with Elsa, from last year’s hit Frozen.


▼Lord Shen, from Kung Fu Panda. How did they get through the front door?!


World of Warcraft fans were catered for, too.Contest_4

  Alice (falling down the rabbithole, presumably).


▼  Gandalf doing his Gandalf thing.


▼ League of Legends champion Irelia.


Elsewhere at the event, there was plenty of Japanese anime appreciation going on amongst costumed attendees!

▼ Impressively serious-looking fans of Kuroko’s Basketball.


▼Attack on Titan continues on its path to anime-world domination.


And we couldn’t let you go without sharing these shots of some of the convention’s younger fans!

▼ Disney’s Merida looks like she’s having a ball.


▼ Young fans with epic costumes pose with (arguably slightly inappropriate) manga cutout.


The convention expanded this year to 8,000m2, and we’re sure it will continue to get bigger and better! If you fancy a fun anime- and manga-themed weekend in Spain next February, start saving up your flight money and planning your costume!

Source: NewSphere
Images: Bleeding Cool