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While North America has had the PlayStation 4 for a few months now, Japan had to wait until February 22 to pick up the (arguably) hottest console in the world. Now that the long wait is over, Japanese gamers can hunker down and get some serious gaming done!

And, thanks to the PlayStation 4’s snazzy new streaming technology, they don’t even need to leave the house to catch a live idol show! This Thursday (March 6) at 6 pm JST, the game-centric group Game Girls will give their debut performance–and be the first to stream a live show via PlayStation 4! Because…umm…well, why the hell not, right?

Featuring members from a variety of groups like Alice Juban and Gamen Kanojo from the Alice Project talent/idol agency, Game Girls is made up of six singers who, ostensibly, love games. And not just Flappy Bird casual games either–these idols love everything from Kill Zone to Street Fighter 2 to Tetris, according to their profiles.

▼In case you can’t tell, this is how you mime the Konami Code (↑↑↓↓←→←→BA)!

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Billed as “Japan’s first gaming idol unit,” they are said to be the idol group that gaming fans have been waiting for. Their collective dream seems to be: “To star in commercials for games we love!” While that might seem like a peculiar dream, it’s important to remember being in TV commercials is generally considered a good thing in many Asian countries–it’s not viewed as “selling out.”

Though the Game Girls’ debut show isn’t until this Thursday, they have been active as a group for a little bit already. They lined up to buy PlayStation 4s together on February 22 at the Sony Building in Ginza and posted photos of their goodies on their website.

▼We get waiting in line to buy awesome stuff in the cold…but no pants??

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So, for their debut this week, the group apparently decided to make it as special as possible by being the first in Japan–or possibly in the world–to stream their performance live via PlayStation 4. Why they decided to use a gaming device instead of, say, just for example, a camera and a computer, we have no idea! Either way, it looks they’ll be broadcasting from P.A.R.M.S, the Alice Project official theater in Akihabara using Sony’s Playroom feature.

While it seems unnecessary, we have to admit, it kind of makes sense. If they’d decided to do it with Facetime or something, then it might have been weird…

▼ Got a problem with it? Take it up with Kanon Mori, Game Girl and alleged ninja.

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Anyway, if you’re up for watching some live, never-before-seen idol action, you can catch the stream on the official Game Girls Ustream this Thursday (March 6) at 6 pm (JST).

Maybe for their follow-up performance, we’ll get Twitch Plays Game Girls! If nothing else, it would be a great way to turn a 30-minute performance into a 4-day ordeal.

Images: Game Girls, Twitter
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