Good news for all of you PlayStation fans in Japan who have yet to splash out on the latest PlayStation console: The PlayStation 4 will be getting a price reduction in its homeland in just a few weeks! If you’re looking to pick up one of Sony’s new machines, you’d do well to hold off until October 1.

Announced by Sony during its pre-Tokyo Game Show conference held earlier today, news of the PlayStation 4’s price drop is sure to excite fans who have been waiting to buy the new console or waiting for its software lineup to expand enough to warrant the an upgrade. The system is currently priced at 39,980 yen (about US$335), but from October 1 it will be 5,000 yen (roughly $42) cheaper at 34,980 yen (around $293), excluding tax. This isn’t a massive price drop, admittedly, and it’s not quite enough to buy a game to accompany your new console, but you could certainly pick up a used game for that price, we suppose.

New prices for other countries were not mentioned, but maybe if we all cross our fingers and wish really hard, this will turn into a global price cut!

There’s also some exciting news for what was once known as Project Morpheus: it has been renamed PlayStation VR.

▼ A photo from when we tried it out last year


While we kind of think “Project Morpheus” sounds a lot cooler, we can see why they’d want a name with more brand recognition. The PlayStation VR unit itself has also been given a vague release date and is set to be available “in the first half of next year,” which is frustratingly imprecise and exciting at the same time. Wearable has a list of the 21 games that will be PlayStation VR-compatible or in development for the device.

Several announcements, including an expansion for PS4-exclusive title Bloodborne to be released on November 24, a January 21 release date for Just Cause 3, and a Japanese beta opening September 16 for the PlayStation Now streaming service, were also made during the press conference.

RocketNews24 will of course be at Tokyo Game Show 2015, which kicks off later this week, so we’ll keep you posted on any new details that emerge!

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Top image: PlayStation official website