A place where stars of the digital kind are born.

Virtual idols in Japan have achieved tremendous commercial success in the real world. Even Lady Gaga herself onced teamed up with Miku to perform a concert.

And now Japanese company Iwamotocho Entertainment hopes expand the industry even further by creating a digital theater specifically catered to live performances from virtual idols, which will be the first of its kind.

The venue, called Iwamotocho Theater, exists only in the virtual realm, welcoming budding digital singers or existing powerhouses like Hatsune Miku, Idolmaster, or Love Live! to host live performances. It essentially allows anyone with an Internet connection and a VR headset to enjoy the show as if they were there, simultaneously with other users from the comfort from their own home.

▼ Iwamotocho Theater is a work in progress slated for a 2018 release.

Iwamotocho Theater has also produced their very own two-member virtual idol group Antama. Often found streaming talk shows online, the pair have also worked hard through the past few months to release their debut CD album.

▼ Pictured here is Antama, comprised of the characters Anzu Suzuki and Tamaki
Shirafuji. They have been signed on by Japanese record company Universal Music.

Let’s hope Iwamotocho Entertainment manages to lay the groundwork for future virtual idol performances, and propel Antama towards stardom while they’re at it. The virtual idol scene is sorely in need of a shared platform for us virtual concert-goers to wave our virtual glowsticks together.

Source: Kai-you
Featured image: Twitter/@rbc_geino