Tokyu Corporation, which runs train lines in the Tokyo Area, announced earlier that at around 2:44 p.m. today all of its trains would stop as part of a training drill to simulate the emergency situation that occurred three years ago today in much of Eastern Japan. It also announced on Twitter that Tokyo’s subway lines run by Toei and Tokyo Metro would stop at this time out of respect for those who suffered during the Great Tohoku Earthquake of 2011.

Tokyu made an announcement on its website regarding the training exercise but added that they will also be having a 10 second moment of silence at 2:46 pm at all stations and trains along the lines and ask for the riders cooperation.

Word also quickly spread that other train lines will perform a similar emergency drill around Tokyo.

“It has just been confirmed that around 14:45, Toei Subway, Tokyo Metro, and Tokyu Lines will all perform an emergency vehicle stop drill. If you have any plans for 3:00pm you should leave early.”

Some readers opposed the drill, calling it “stupid” and saying, “Although the earthquake was a tragic event, this doesn’t really make much sense.”

Others chided the complainers first by pointing out that this is a required drill that would have to be done anyway. They simply chose the same time out of respect for the tragedy. Others thought it was a touching tribute either way saying, “Losing four minutes out of your day is a small compared to the over 15,000 lives that were lost and 2,600 people who went missing today three years ago.”

We hope if you happened to have been on the trains in Tokyo today, you didn’t panic and were able to take those few minutes as a break for a little reflection.

Source: Tokyu Co., Twitter via My Game News Flash (Japanese)
Image: Wikipedia – Yaguchi