Messagess of support, this time from Taiwan, keep pouring in following the deadly earthquake in Kumamoto.

Since two major earthquakes and several damaging aftershocks hit the southern Japanese city of Kumamoto in mid-April, dozens of countries have sent heartfelt messages and monetary aid to Japan. Last month we shared some of the beautiful illustrated drawings from Chinese and other artists, and this time we’d like to highlight a few of the touching messages coming from Taiwan, Japan’s island neighbor to the southwest.  

The Taiwanese government has sent approximately 65 million yen (US$606,000) in aid to Japan since the Kumamoto quakes, just as it donated a large sum of money following the 2011 Tohoku earthquake and tsunami. Reciprocally, Japan sent aid to Taiwan following its own deadly earthquake in February of this year.

The first message we’re sharing is from Chen Chu, the mayor of Taiwan’s southern Kaohsiung City. The Facebook post she shared features a cartoonized version of herself laughing along with Kumamoto City’s beloved mascot Kumamon:

Along with the picture, Chen wrote a touching message about the friendship between the people of Taiwan and Kumamoto, and announced that she has set up a monetary account in Taiwan to take ongoing contributions for relief aid. She even donated one month’s worth of her personal salary to the effort.

Similarly, Ko Wen-je, the current mayor of Taipei, shared a message of support in Japanese on his own Twitter account.

“Along with offering everyone who was affected by the recent earthquake in the Kumamoto region my sincerest sympathies, I’m praying for a speedy recovery. The citizens of Taipei and I offer our heartfelt condolences to each individual who was lost, and pray that each of  them finds happiness in the next world.”

Finally, in an especially creative and touching gesture, the staff of Taiwan’s EVA Air airline company assembled for a grid-like picture to illustrate the ongoing bond of friendship between Taiwan and Japan:

“EVA Airways Japan received a photo message from the staff at company headquarters in Taiwan. ‘Bonds of the heart by joining hands together. Taiwan and Japan’s friendship will always continue.'”

Japanese net users were touched by all of the warmth, leaving messages such as, “Xiexie, Taiwan!” and “I’m not from Kumamoto, but as a Japanese person, I’m touched.”

Here’s hoping to speedy reconstruction efforts, Kumamoto!

Source: CuRAZY
Top image: Twitter/@evaairwaysjapan (edited by RocketNews24)