In one of the few instances we can think of in which crime actually does pay, a Chinese bus passenger who spent years “ride-and-dashing” to dodge paying the fare repaid her karmic debt by depositing a total of 800RMB (approx. US$130) into the till boxes of two local buses.

Drivers of both buses apparently tried to reject her offering and have her pay the standard 2RMB fare (US$0.30), but the woman reportedly insisted, telling at least one of the drivers, “You’ve always been kind to your passengers. This is to repay the fare I’ve been skipping out on until now.”

While the bus company that runs the bus lines in question could have easily pressed charges against the woman for basically admitting that she’d been dodging the fare, they instead used the cameras installed above the driver to identify her and actually try to give her the money back.

We assume the company hopes she’ll use the cash to just pay her fare legitimately from now on.


So impressed with the woman’s actions, the company apparently went so far as to contact a local news station, which involved a film crew as the company attempts to seek the woman out; meaning, if found, the woman’s crimes will be repaid not only with all of her money back and her karmic balance restored, but also possibly with minor local fame.

While we commend the woman’s return of the delinquent fare, somehow we think this kind of sends a mixed message to today’s impressionable Chinese youth.

Source: Niconico News
Photos: Feature, Inset